Underground Bass-Heads in Tempe; Watch the Bass Asylum Aftermovie


Wednesday Oct 25th was a memorable night for most underground Bass-heads in the Phoenix/Tempe area. It was also the night when Trippy Tribe put out their second underground show in Phoenix, in collaboration with TRVP NGHTZ; titled Bass Asylum. Bass Asylum featured sets from Flowbro; (underground DJ and ASU student), DJ Jen Jones; voted Scottsdale sexiest female DJ, Sam King; infamous energy choreographer, D3V, Decadon, and Bailo.

While some Bass-heads were particularly thrilled to receive "the treatment" from Bailo (since their last dose at Trapfest), others simply came to get their weekly fix of trap music. Particularly dumbfounding was the venue at which this event took place. So it was with great surprise when by 10pm, we watched as raver after raver checked into the Asylum at School of Rock on Mill Avenue. By Midnight, it was straight filth at the Asylum. Grade A Production and neck breaking Trap music transformed the School of Rock into the phenomenal night it was for headbangers and rail breakers alike. 

Both D3V and Decadon put out hypnotizing sets, leaving their cult-like fans craving their comeback. I still catch my subconscious beatboxing to bass remnants stuck in my brain from that night. And as sets rolled into sets, and DJ after DJ took the tables, we were sure to capture every single minute of it. Watch this recap video shot and edited by Murkshot.