ktTHEINTELLECT; From Arizona State Graduate to Phoenix Underground Rapper



ktTHEINTELLECT, pronounced KT-THA-INTELLECT, real name Kavion Thomas, is an Arizona State University Alum with a degree in Sustainability and African American History. He is also the man responsible for spearheading the Phoenix underground intellectual rap movement.


Founder and CEO of INTELLECT STUDIOS LLC, ktTHEINTELLECT grew up in the Westwood neighborhood on the west side of Phoenix, Arizona. Memorized by the lyrics of A Tribe Called Quest, Common, and Digable Planets he developed an apt for the Literary Arts and began to write poetry by the time he was in the 4th grade. Upon graduating in the top 10% of his class and ending an accomplished high school football career that included an All Metro Region honors at the Left Tackle and Defensive End as well as Offensive MVP at the Left Tackle position, he accepted a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering at Arizona State University.  By the time he was a sophomore in College, and tired of being frustrated and disillusioned with the college experience he turned to his old passion of poetry to balance the solitude. He began creating very intellectual poems and literary pieces, and before very long, the idea of INTELLECT STUDIOS was born.


After graduating from Arizona State University, with his degree in Sustainability and African American history, INTELLECT STUDIOS went from being a nurtured idea to being a business.  The creator and curator of "INTELLECTUAL TRILL" ktTHEINTELLECT's music is marked by aggressively conscious lyrics, dark yet reflective ascetics, and wet bass-driven technological beats. He is currently working on his debut album ROTRM(Return Of The Renaissance Man) which is slated for release in late 2017 while helping curate the projects of other artists within the collective such as Yoyitó and Kris King. The Album cover portrays as an Astronaut ktTHEINTELLECT in Space. According to him, the album could be seen as a journey through space, while being a metaphor for reincarnation.

Watch the music video to his biggest single here: