Social Media; A New Way To Friendships

It's the year 2017 and social media has officially changed the game in the form of communication. The time and rapidness of change has had such a impact on the everyday life it's easy to forget how recent these changes were. Not even 20 years ago, brands were required to reach their potential customers through advertising outlets such as radio, television, newspapers, etc. Although these are still used today, social media has officially became THE number one platform for networking. Giving anyone the opportunity to reach whoever-whenever all over the world.

Social media has done a tremendous job in creating a new wave of branding by creating a cloud of users all over the world in reach all through the palm of your hand. But many undermine the value social media has created bringing culture and relationships together. Today, children and teenagers who've never even left their OWN COUNTRY, are now seen embracing cultures overseas as if it was their own. Don't believe me? Check out how far the famous dance move the "dab" has traveled, it's truly phenomenal. A simple click of a button opens up a life to the rest of the world. Giving the power to people to form relationships, express themselves freely, inspire others, create, the limitations are really endless.

Perfect examples of this power can be seen with celebrities. Doing business overseas and nurturing relationships with people gives you the opportunity to engage in markets all over the world. Instagram, which is a mobile app that shares to the public strictly through images and videos, truly gave the opportunity to create and maintain relationships like never before. Sure Twitter had it's run but it's obvious people rather see it than hear it which is what gave Instagram such a hot buzz. Relationships are easily formed through Instagram as you already have a idea of the person through their page. Today, you see more and more relationships forming with people and cultures other than your own. One person who fits that description to a tee is NFLs' New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr (24).
You may have noticed him before due to his miraculous catch his rookie year.  (Below)   

Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) is a highly accomplished WR (wide receiver) who can do no wrong on or off the field. In his rookie year OBJ broke countless rookie records such as most receiving yards as a rookie, most receptions as a rookie, and offensive rookie of the year just to name a few. Now in his 3rd year OBJ is at the top of his game and although the Giants season is over OBJ plans to attend his 3rd Pro Bowl in a row this year. 


OBJ is obviously known for his great physical abilities but there's more than meets the eye. When not catching footballs OBJ can always be seen posting on his Instagram (@OBJ). When not posting about football OBJ can be seen either lip syncing his favorite tunes, hanging with friends and family, or showing off his sense of fashion.  


In fact OBJ sense of fashion was so admirable GQ Magazine featured him in their 2016 Men's Fashion Wear for the fall. (Below)


Shooting for a brand like GQ that's cover men's style, culture, politics and more all over the world for more than 50 years gives access to people outside the norm. Which in fact may be the reason why Odell became such good friends with professional soccer star David Alaba.

David Alaba (24) is Australian born, and has been a professional soccer player since the age of 15! Alaba plays for Germany team Bayern Munich, and is mainly known for his position at LB (Leftback/Defense) but skilled enough to play any position on the field. He's won Australian Footballer of the Year every year since 2011, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA World Cup all at the age of only 24, not bad right!?


Like Odell Beckham Jr., Alaba is a young athlete who's become a social media icon for the youth. When on Alaba's Instagram (@da_27) or any social media for that matter, there's a 99% chance you've either seen him listening to American hip-hop music, keeping up with the latest trends, or enjoying his time with family and friends. Alaba is one a few soccer players that truly embraces the American culture as if it was their own.  His sense of fashion, fun loving personality, and embracement to new things has kids all over the world wanting to be like him. 


Which makes perfect sense why these two became such good friends. Being the same age, fans of fashion, and admirers of each others work in their sport makes the relationship long past due. The friendship began in the summer of 2016 as OBJ got the chance to visit Alabas' team Bayern Munich, in Germany. After that, the two hit it off and constantly stay in touch and can always be seen together when in the same location. 

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Next is Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. (24) or Neymar Jr. for short, who is another high accomplished soccer player. Neymar Jr. is a great all around talent and is mainly known for making his opponents look foolish when trying to steal the ball. (Below)


Like Alaba, Neymar Jr. is a professional soccer player who plays for FC Barcelona in Spain. This Brazilian born LW (Left Winger) is considered not only one of the best young players in the league but also top 5 in the world. Neymar Jr. has been playing professionally since the age of 17 and consistently strives to become a better player. His accomplishments speak for himself as he's won Young Footballer of The Year in 2011, La Liga, Copa Del Ray, UEFA Champions League, and the UEFA Super Cup. 


Being 24 years old, one of the best best players in the world, and playing in the country of Spain, who by the way are known for their beautiful women would give you the idea Neymar Jr. lives a similar lifestyle to Vincent Chase. Although Neymar Jr. is very young, his free time isn't the norm of a 24 year old as he had a child at the age of 19. His 5 year old son Davi Santos can be seen with him all the time on his Instagram (@NeymarJr). When not with Davi, Neymar Jr. enjoys showing himself traveling with his boys while of course looking fresh. 


One friend in particular Neymar Jr. can be seen with of is no other than Justin Bieber (22). Neymar Jr. and Bieber have known each other for a couple of years and can always bee seen having some fun. 

For those who've been under a rock and have no clue who Justin Bieber is don't worry I'll help you out. Justin Bieber is a musician, who started his career at the age of 15 and is now one of the biggest pop icons in the world! He has 6 No. 1 albums, too many awards to count (MTV, Billboard's, American Music Awards, Grammy's), and over a hundred million followers on social media. Did I mention he's only 22?


Bieber's most recent album Purpose, has created the biggest buzz for his career since his infamous song "Baby". Nominated for 6 awards with one being Album of The Year, has the world at the palms of his hands. Expressing his life stories and inner conflicts gave his fans something new to connect with introducing a more mature side never seen before. A new side anyone can see as Bieber now has a free lance look and even given up Instagram claiming it's "devil work".


Although he may not flex on the gram anymore, Bieber has always been known for his sense of fashion and unique ability to connect with his fans. Both Bieber and Neymar Jr. are very busy so they see each other very seldom. But when they do, these young men are always about having a good time with screaming women not too far behind them of course. 

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