This San Diego Visual Artist Will Amaze you


Antonio Ayres is a Brazilian born Visual Artist and Art Director that specializes in what he likes to refer to as Pop Art. Drawing inspiration from cartoons and making use of recycled and human waste materials, Antonio is able to create a very unique form of urban street art.

When we interviewed Antonio, we were curious to know what ignited his fondness and talent for art. it came as no surprise to discover that his art developed from a combination of parental guidance and Brazilian street art. "I began my interest in Art while still young. My parents taught me arts and crafts and encouraged me to sell my work in the neighbor and save all my money in a little pig bank. And since then my interest for Art has just grown."

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, where the graffiti scene is incredibly magnanimous, Street and Urban Art often caught Antonio's eye as a kid, which then contributed to the influence of urban scenarios on his art.  His goal is to blend the mix of styles and experiences obtained while traveling and exploring the knowledge acquired to create works of art with a high visual impact made of interesting ideas and solutions. "I want to use my art to open peoples mind around the world."

You can view more of his art on his Instagram account @tonayres