Robin Barrett; 90's baby or influencer?




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Take one look at Los Angeles and one would surely call it paradise. The urban metropolis is dotted with historic landmarks, such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and it is easily recognized by its expansive, lavish beaches that are lined with seemingly endless amounts of palm trees.  The famous piers containing amusement parks and fresh seafood jut out into the ocean, their colorful lights glistening in the night sky. This gorgeous municipality also has a thriving financial sector to complement its natural beauty.  Skyscrapers showcasing big company names such as CNN and Wells Fargo dot the unforgettable skyline as if they are almost bragging about the city’s good fortune and economic wellness for all to see.  Exotic cars, fancy trucks, and classic old-school convertibles occupy metered parking spots along the streets regardless of the neighborhood. Because the city is situated near the Mexican border and next to the Pacific Ocean, it is an immigration hub for people from all parts of the world.  People bring their beliefs and ideals with them, which leads to the ever-present struggle between culture, religion, and lifestyle in the city. The beauty of the city spills down into its inhabitants.  The seeming majority of the population is in top physical shape, caramelized by beach tans, and filled with go-getter mentalities.  It’s no wonder that the ever-so-popular film industry has transformed this thriving megalopolis into a marketplace for dreams and promise sold to the youth, and the unconscious standard of the American lifestyle. Due to the overcrowding of the city, it is inevitable that there are going to be multiple influences trying to sway this urban center in multiple directions, and Los Angeles has exactly that. One such influencer to look out for is a designer by the name of Robin Barrett.

Robin Barrett (born October 90, 1990) is an American designer, businesswoman, 90's baby, and 90's kid. We talked to many innovators born in that era, and they all attributed their earliest influences to that glorious decade. Between "RugRats", "Animaniacs" and music from the greats, Art and creativity are simply a normal phenomenon, birthed from the culture of that era. For other 90's babies, yet living in current reality, certain questions have now become unavoidable. Questions such as "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" or "Why are all my friends on Facebook getting married?" You start to say stuff like "When I went to College,...." and all the popular kids from high school are starting to end up pregnant. For some underachievers, this might prove quite daunting. Robin Barrett, however, is not an underachiever.

In 2011, when most people her age were finally starting to shred their fake ID's, she created her first online vintage boutique called Vintage Expresso that later expanded to become a marketplace known as VX Marketplace for apparel, accessories, and beauty. In 2016, she partnered up with a fellow designer to create a marketing and branding company called Visionary Theory. Visionary Theory provides content creation, website design, event planning and social media management to help brands, models, and social media influencers enhance their existing platforms. She now collaborates with emerging brands all over the U.S. to create a one-stop shop for fashion enthusiasts. A significant component of her brand VX Marketplace is their heavy involvement in the community since they’ve been established. From sponsoring numerous back-to-school and coat drives, after school programs, luncheons, fundraisers, power panels, to hosting charity galas and outreach initiatives, Robin remains steadfast in her mission to empower individuals to be able to feel great inside and out. Her years of experience running her own business has given her insight into the world of marketing, photography, art and social media.  

Based on the success of her online boutique, she was led to create a signature line entitled NETTA Los Angeles, which specializes in domestically-made one-piece ensembles that exude style and luxury for the everyday woman. Their custom designs are inspired by the casually chic fashion culture of Los Angeles where she resides. Her pieces are created for women who value comfort and class. Her new collection, releasing in February, entitled “The Craze” will feature nostalgic jumpsuits using inspiration and fabric popular in the 1990s era. See pictures of her 90's inspired designs below. 

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Business IG: @nettalosangeles @shop_vx

Personal IG: @therobinb