Kande Monroy; the man behind many Los Angeles looks.



Downtown LA is one of those few places where it’s exactly as it looks in the movies. The streets are swarmed with national and international tourists. Cannabis-friendly faces strutting up and down the streets. The majority of its indigenes come from all over the world and the only thing affordable is the Dream. In a city where the line between Media and Hollywood is ever so thin, it becomes difficult to distinguish façade from reality. If you observe hard enough, you may get the feeling of a people striving to hold on to an ancient heritage; one, which has birthed a modern vision…or illusion. The entire city is held ransom by Art and everywhere you look, you see Art’s prophet in the form of a musician, “supermodel”, photographer, fashion designer, brand developer, painter, artist, just to name a few.  At the corner of 8th street, in one of the multitudinous stacks of pre-1960 buildings, is the B&B office that houses Visionary Theory. Now, if you are an up and coming fashion designer reading this blog, before further continuation, it is imperative that you view this gallery below, depicting images of the most recent fashion line, called Huntah's Clothing, which Kande has developed via his Visionary Theory Label.


Visionary Theory is a Los Angeles creative movement, specializing in the development of fashion lines, brands, and social media. An innovator by the name of Kande Monroy spearheads the Visionary Theory movement.

A little background on Kande: Kande Monroy was born in Mexico in 1988, his family migrated in 1996. He went to elementary school, high school and college in the United States. His inspiration for sewing, cutting and designing stems from his parents early apron and jacket business. At an early age of 12, Kande began his successful journey into the Fashion world and soon branched into social media. His inept knowledge of fashion, combined with study of consumer behavior, helped make his venture very successful. Kande has pioneered numerous brands ranging from gym wear to high end street wear such as One Believe Clothing, and Distinct LA, and his factory is set to open Feb 4th Downtown Los Angeles. 

On this particular afternoon, Kande is meeting with some out-of-state clients.  Inside the Visionary Theory office, numerous paintings cover the walls. Very intense and diverse art mask the walls. A bunch of Apple desktops grace the section serving as a work station and a huge flat screen television serves as the primary form of entertainment. At the end corner of the room closest to the door is a designer rack showcasing all of Kande’s unreleased brands and styles; the designs are very complex

Kande welcomes us into his office very happily. We chat about business, his humble beginnings, Los Angeles upcoming brands, recent California marijuana laws, and Visionary Theory. Visionary Theory is all about being creative. We seek talent and we develop it. Talent may come in the form of models, musicians, painters and designers. We observe as Kande bounces concepts back and forth. He proudly shows us his talented and successful releases. He has worked with many industry names, talents, acts and models. Furthermore, influencers such as Quincy Combs and Don Benjamin have also modeled his Distinct L.A brand. Shortly after, Kande’s out-of-state clients walk in.

Today, he is meeting with the owners of Metroflex gym and Code Blue Fit to discuss the manufacturing of their gym wear. After finalizing deals, we go out to the market on downtown for lunch, where Kande tells me of his most recent developed collection titled New Beginnings or NB for short.

Below, you can view a showcase of Kande’s Distinct LA brand.