Lucca Messer; Bending Visual Reality.


It's Saturday in Hollywood and we've just arrived at the location of a high-profile shoot. Just a couple nights earlier, we were invited to the shoot for the cover of the Playboy Magazine upcoming issue with Playmate Olga Loera. At the scene of this shoot are Vogue photographers Thierry Brouard and Lucca Messer, and Cinemoi and La Jolla global ambassador, Gene Chang. We were particularly excited to learn that Lucca Messer was on the shoot as his images have been known to provoke deep emotion and tears from viewers. These images are so powerful that pedestrians scream his name in recognition, whenever he strolls the streets of Paris. Thus, we started to chat it up with Lucca but soon discovered that he was a man of very few words. Between beautifully working the lighting and ensuring that his glass overflowed with Champagne, it was difficult to get any chit-chat out of him. it was not until later that evening, after sharing a conversation on the effects of drugs on the creative mind, that Lucca deemed it worthy to show us some of his art. Art, which was like few things we'd ever seen. At the bottom of this article, you will find six powerful images which Lucca was gracious enough to let us use. (Photos are copyrighted, all rights reserved)


A little background about Lucca:

Lucca Messer, 25, is a British photographer/director born in the UK and raised between England and Brazil. At the age of 16, while at school, Lucca discovered photography during a family trip in Italy. After returning to England, he decided to halt his academic studies to devote his time solely towards photography.

Pressured to remain in his formal education, he opted to leave school and start his own photo studio in England. Experimenting with lighting modifiers from that age, he landed his first magazine feature at 17. It was from that moment onward that he decided to take his hobby a step further. Lucca's work was published by the BBC after he photographed an editorial for Mercedes-Benz magazine at 18. He then went on to assist various photographers, including Mario Testino. Lucca soon after invested in building his own production company in São Paulo and venturing in the filmmaking world. In 2013, his photography was referred by the Italian magazine Il Fotografo as one of the most striking lighting styles in our time. Today, he's based between São Paulo and L.A working in fashion and advertising. Alongside his commercial work, he has divided his time in the educational sector helping young people build their careers in the creative sector. Lucca also created the first collaborative documentary platform: OUTOYOU, with the aim of transforming filmmaking into an accessible educational tool in underprivileged places of the world.

After studying Lucca's art for long hours, he can be described as nothing short of a bender of visual reality. With his excellent mastery of lighting techniques, he is able to create visuals which you otherwise did not know could exist; His images, capable of provoking emotions which one may not have thought to be innate. 


The rest of Lucca's photos can be found on his website